About My Travel Buddies


My husband works full-time as an engineer. He works hard so that I can stay home with our kids and so that we can have big adventures. Truly, he brings all of the adventure to our family. If it weren’t for him, this blog would be all playdates and no postcards! He is filled with an adventurous spirit that he has spread to all of us. His idea of a perfect weekend away involves backpacks, a tent, and a mountain summit.

Favorite Destination: Cinque Terre, Italy

Favorite Travel Memory: Aspen’s first time at a beach in Split, Croatia

Least Favorite Travel Memory: trying to sleep while backpacking in Canyonlands National Park– Aspen woke up crying every hour for the entire night




She is our firstborn and the guinea pig for all of our family vacation ideas. After over 30 flights, you would think she’s got it down, but flying with her is always a challenge. This girl just can’t sit still! She got her first passport at six months old and took her first international trip at nine months old. Although transportation is never a fun experience for her, she thoroughly enjoys exploring new destinations. Whether we are in the mountains or in a new city, she’s happy to run around and experience all the newness.

Favorite Destination: Disneyland

Favorite Travel Memory: eating pancakes for breakfast in Canyonlands NP

Least Favorite Travel Memory: our overnight flight from Los Angeles to London– little missy didn’t sleep at all!



This little guy is the easy-going traveler. He loves to experience everything from the safety of his front carrier, take long naps in the stroller, and make super serious faces for the camera. He is very curious and loves to see new things as we wander around new places. He already has a passport in anticipation of his first international trip this summer.

Favorite Destination: Disneyland

Favorite Travel Memory: his first time in a swing at a park near the Santa Monica pier

Least Favorite Travel Memory: our six hour road trip to Phoenix at two-months-old… he wanted to eat the entire trip and shared his misery with the whole car