About Me

Hi, friends! Welcome to Postcards and Playdates. Thank you so much for stopping by!

My name is Alyssa, and I’m the Christ-follower, momma, adventurer, and writer behind Postcards and Playdates. When I got married in 2014, I stepped into the greatest adventures of my life. Literally. I was a complete homebody before I met my rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking husband, Harrison. My weekends were spent reading and watching Disney movies, not hiking in the mountains near my house or rock climbing at the local gym or taking quick road trips to Colorado. Well, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with nature and traveling (and the cute guy who took me on all these adventures)!

We spent the first year and a half of marriage traveling every chance we could, from long vacations in Europe to quick camping trips in the mountains near home. When we were blessed with our baby girl, Aspen, in the summer of 2016, we decided that our love for adventure wasn’t dying—it was growing by two little feet! Although our exploring looked a little different with a baby in tow, we kept at it and learned some tricks along the way to make it easier and more fun.

Since our family grew to three, and now four with our little boy, Wilder, I’ve been learning how to juggle life as a stay-at-home momma with our relentless desire to see the world. Our little family loves all kinds of travel, exploring God’s creation, and spending time together.

After years of adventuring and mommy-ing, my heart yearned to share our experiences. Postcards and Playdates was born out of my desire to give readers our real-life adventures, with the good and the bad (and sometimes the messy, too).

I know from experience that traveling with kids can be really intimidating, especially with little ones. Your family and friends think you’re crazy for even considering that vacation with kids? Yep, I’ve been there. More than once. But guess what? You can do it! And I’m here to show you how.

I’m a big believer in experiencing life with your kids. I want to share what I’ve learned and how you can have the most beautiful experiences with your family, both at home and around the world.

We are just a normal family with a great love for adventure—we utilize my hubby’s paid time off to travel as often as we can. I use my kids’ nap time to plan our next vacation, whether it’s a camping trip at a national park or a multi-week trip to another country. Our kids have had meltdowns on the airplane and play in the mud outside of our camping tent. This is real life, with all the fun and all the mess. We are doing it and loving it! Whether we are sending postcards from across the world or scheduling playdates at home, you’ll find our adventures here. My prayer is that the things you read here will encourage you and inspire you in your own adventures.